Sunday, May 22, 2011

I like CHANGE!

So, the truth is out. I'm not very good at this blogger thing! I try and try to update it but after all of the daily things to do, blogging hasn't been on my hot list :/ I do think it is important to keep up with people and know what is going on in life so I do find this helpful to communicate with people :)

The past few months have been really good and really bad. On the bad note, I was diagnosed with GERD, which is a acid reflux disease. Basically I get sick after eating and feel really nausea. People ask, "are you pregnant?" No, I am not, I've literally have had acid reflux stuff a lot of my life but the past two years it has started to get more severe. When I got married almost 2 years ago (wow time flies) I would wake up once a month vomiting and feeling sick the day afterward. Each time eating different foods. This past November, I received prayer and I believe I am healed because I haven't had it since. Now, I have a different form which is in my throat and it feels like something is stuck in my throat. This isn't as severe however the nausea is what is the KILLER. Anyway, the throat stuff started with the fast my church did in April. I guess the change in diet all of a sudden was a shock or something. I was praying that the Lord would show me whatever he wanted to about my love for food and well, he sure did. Not that I don't need to eat anything, however having a healthier diet. Now, I absolutely cannot have COKES and COFFEE!@#$%%^^&&*. Wine, milk, tomatoes or tea occasionally. So, I've had to grieve not eating these things and am looking at the positive side of it; maybe i'll loose weight as well as be more healthy! I just started feeling better two days ago now that I've tried 3 prescriptions and this one is doing a pretty good job. So, pray for me that I am healed and don't have to depend on medicine for the rest of my life!

I feel more compassion for people that have physical issues. When someone isn't feeling well, it literally affects your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT! I think this difficulty has given me more of a passion to pray for those who need healing because God DOES HEAL!

OK, now for the GOOD note! Nick got a new job! Yea! We are REALLY excited and WOW, have so much to say about this! This is a position that I think will fit Nick like a glove and his gifts and abilities will shine through! He is about to start a job at the Veterans Association working with Vets and their families helping them transition back to life. We are excited about the opportunities this brings for our family! I have so much to say and wish I could explain every detail, but basically, I can say that the Lord is and has been creating a rich history with us and being our only and true provider. I feel like I'm growing every day to truly say that I trust and know that the Lord provides everything we need. The Lord has worked out so far EVERY little detail and has been faithful! He is has given us a RICH testimony about provision so if you ever need encouragement or would like to hear about it, ASK ME! I'd love to share it with you!

<3 K