Friday, September 24, 2010

one year

One Year. WoW! That went by sooo fast! In some ways it feels like it's been three years (in a good way) but it's been one really... really... REALLY good year and I'm so thankful for that!

Nick and I decided to celebrate in Austin for our anniversary and we had a great time. It was our first time to go on vacation (other than our honeymoon) so we had a relaxing time eating at fun places thanks to urbanspoon! We also visited a winery, the bats, walked around, ordered in, enjoyed the hot tub, and shopping.

I'm so thankful for marriage and I can truly say that I love Nick more and more everyday. Thank you Lord!

Top 5 things I've learned about marriage:

1. Nick is my number two. I've learned the importance in how important it is to go to the Lord with things and then go to my husband. Nick cannot save me like the Lord can :)

2. Date night! So important to know that at least one night a week is only for us! Being intentional is key.

3. Forgiveness- All the time.

4. Marriage is to sharpen one another. If you look at the sharpening part as the negative part, how will you grow?

5. Fight for everything that you can to make and allow your marriage to be WONDERFUL!!!!! Things in life can and will steal and it is up to the both of you to fight for it.

I'm sure I can and have more things but these are some of the more important ones :)

enjoy my splicing....I just learned how.